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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Here is the front of our "Forever Home" in Geneva.  It is a bit shabby with fabulous vintage furniture turned over but it will be shabby in a great way soon.  I am trying to decide what color the furniture should be painted this time.  Only the red is true vintage and fabulous.  I want the ugly shed moved off my pretty front porch.  It overlooks the pond.

This is Grandma's room where we were camping out during the move.  That is Stinky on the bed.  The bed is a fabulous old piece that came out of the Black Estate it just needs to be shabbyed.  The sheer panels are fantastic and I want to keep them in the room but the walls MUST be painted. 

This is the pink bathroom and it has great vintage bones but needs LOTS of Love.  I want to keep the farmsink and the pink tile.  I just want to paint everything White and add some black toile wall paper.  This makes a great before picture.  Sorry about the mess in there but we were moving.

This is the future home of Devine Salvage Corporate Offices.  lol  The bar, which is an old door has to go.  I just hope my old vintage desk fits through the doors.  There are 3 closets where I will store the items in the store that are for sale--when I get that far.  All the vintage clothes will be gone.  Aren't the floors beautiful in this house and the wood in the closets--it is just sooooo dark.

This is the future Master bedroom and the hall leading to it.  It is will be a fabulous Grey with chandeliers and vintage headboards and chairs.  I can't wait to get back in there.  Those are all closets on the right wall and all windows on the left.  The light fixture will be sold in the store eventually.  There are so many cool lights in the house I may make something with them haven't decided yet.

This is the ridiculously small kitchen.  It is pitiful right now but we have dreams for it.  There is a vintage light in the eating area that somebody will be proud to own.  This area will be gutted eventually but these are great before pictures.

My fantastic future dining room.  It overlooks the pond and has a great brick wall.  The carpet is coming up to reveal the gorgeous floors.  It is also a great before pic.

The den which I have promised my husband will remain dark, you see him at the table.  There is Stinky again showing you the carpet that is coming up to reveal the great floors underneath.  There is another great fireplace in there.  You also see the front door and foyer.  You can tell it was a working day because of the mess. 

Well I hope you have enjoyed the tour of the downstairs.  I will do upstairs and basement later.  It is a huge old house that needs lots of love but we are happy to call it home. 
It was a wonderful trip and we got alot accomplished. 


  1. I think it is fabulous! Can't wait to see what you do with it and look forward to the personal in-person tour after you move in permanently.

  2. I love you girl and I know you will be getting a wonderful tour.

  3. I like that pink tile in the bathroom and love your idea about the toile wallpaper. Check out this site for some ideas:

  4. I love the long room with all the windows! You have LOTS of work ahead of you! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. I also loved looking at your blog of your home. Thank you for giving us your link to your blog. I also can't wait to see your finished results too. I love turning homes into beautiful ones..and older houses have such character, they endure generations of families and shelter them, go through family functions and holidays..I love having my own home and being able to remodel or make it my way.

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  7. Your new/old home is just beautiful...and I can't wait to see it after u do the remodeling. God bless u with lots of happiness there. Dee