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Friday, March 30, 2012

Overstudy of Junk

I'm reading away trying to get the feel for blogging.  I have noticed mine are way to short and uninformative.  So, I am going to try and include you in on more of my daily adventures.  I've been reading and studying blogs for the last month.  It is so delightful and fun.  I have the music at the begging of a blog spot to be enjoyable but annoying if you hang around for a while, therefore, we will have no music here.  I want to post links to some of the really good and interesting sites I have found and I will do them along the way.  The one I found this am is #The Gilded Jonque Yard. 

Now I will show you some pictures of great salvaged glassware I have.  This is a vintage piece of Fenton milk glass.  This was one my daddy collected in his tours all over the south.  He has 12 antique/vintage booths in Antique Malls.  I need to find out his name for them, although I don't think he even has it on the booths.  The last time I helped him with them was at Christmas.

Another piece of fantastic milk glass from my daddy's collection.  We used to run a power selling eBay business and we mostly did glassware. 

Upon arriving back home, to FL/AL, I will be incorporating a lot of his stuff into my blogs.  He is a great artist, for his sanity, whose work needs a showcase outlet.  We, together, will be working on a lot of future projects.  We have a lot of the same interest and devotion level. 

This is a fabulous teacup and saucer.  I've been toying with the idea of doing some candles like what I have seen around.  It would be a fun project. 

I will keep sharing my thoughts, ramblings and ideas.  I will be much more active towards the actual upcycling of things when we finally get moved. 

Anticipated destination time to be home is around July 2012.  Have a wonderful weekend and go hit the yard sales and see what other people's junk you can salvage.

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