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Monday, April 23, 2012

Found some more goodies

. It This is the most amazing swing coat from the 50's. See the original big button. Isn't that wonderful. We received so many things out of an estate and I look forward to adding them to my shop when I get it going. Right now everything is in boxes. We take our first load home, Florida or Lower Alabama, this weekend. I am so excited. We haven't been there in over 3 years to live and it is just time to go home. We are moving back into a family home that my father owns that will then become ours. Yay!!!!! I will be posting lots of before pictures for you next week when we get back. Until then here are some more new (old) items I've salvaged.
These are some fabulous old shirts.  I have to work on some discoloration on them before I can let them go.  They still had the wrapping from the 50's with them.  I may keep the white one for myself.  They are just fabulous.  It is so hard when you salvage goodies because it is all so wonderful that you want to keep it.  But I'm stocking up for when I get the store (online) open.  We will always have lots of yard sales to get rid of the modern stuff and at them I will show any of my items to those that come.  We have such wonderful plans for a fabulous life.  I'm just ready to get it all going.  I think God is working on my patients right now.

Yes that is a fabulous handmade quilt they are laying on and it will go into the store also.  Being from the south you find so many of these from different estate sales.  Off to get some more inspiration and find blogs to link you to for excitement.

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