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Friday, May 4, 2012

Part 2 Forever Home

This is the loft on the 2nd floor.  You can see at the bottom of the stairs where it leads into my office.   Then behind the now pink and white door leads to the laundry room and basement.  It is such beautiful wood all throughout the house.  You can see the door at the end of the room that leads to the balcony.  There is a mini kitchnette up there. 

These are the type of beautiful light fixtures that come with the house.  I will be selling some in the store but not this one.  It needs an update.

Sorry for the same pic twice.  This is a children's room in the middle of upstairs.  There is an original built in desk as well as all you see along the wall and the cedar closets.  What a fabulous old bed and chenille.  The bed will be shabbied.

Sorry this is sideways.  This is the Jack n Jill bathroom upstairs.

This is the door from the "current master bedroom" that looks over the pond, that you can see outside. 

These are the beautiful built-ins behind the kingsize bed in the master.


This is just a sample of the great quilts and chenilles all left behind.  I will be sorting through and posting some in the store.  Some are only vintage because they were made by my Grandma's and Aunt's. 

This is the view from the master to the loft. What gorgeous woodwork all throughout

Well this gives you an idea of the goodies that are goig to be coming  in the stores.  We will have still have our eBay store Devine Decoration by ACM.  Then we will have our Etsy store Devine Salvage plus my honey is running Martinez Repair and that is all loan equipment and such. 

We are just ready to get moved because we have alot of work and whole life ahead of us that is currently in limbo.

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