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Friday, June 1, 2012

Times a Wasteing

This is the picture of my new office. As you can tell it used to be the bar. The beautiful bar is made out of one of the original doors from the house. They are very thick and there are alot more doors in the house to come down. I will have to be Pinteresting for ideas of what to do with them. They would make entrance seats like this I want to turn it into this for the foyer.

This is the feel I want the office to have when it is done. The big question is to face outside with my back to the two doors and look at the ponds. But then I think just cover the walls with mirrors so I can see the pond behind me. Here is an idea for the mirrored Here is what I want the top of the desk to look like . This is what I want the desk chair to look like. It is currently sitting outside and needs lots of love.

The bedroom right now looks like this
and I want it to look like this /. At least I want the walls to be that color or grey. I'll just keep Pinteresting for ideas. It may just be whatever was mixed wrong at Home Depot, where my honey works because it is the guest bedroom. I have so many ideas that it isn't even funny. The old master bedroom used to be the one downstairs.
See this is the one my honey wants to move back into when it gets all painted, curtains made (by me another blog later) and chandelier hung back up. BUTTTTT the one I'm thinking about is the one upstairs because it has the balcony overlooking the pond right out the door.
Plus it has a kingsize bed, that I want to put on another wall, where as the one downstairs can hold a queen at best. The ideas I have for the master if we put it upstairs are these / But I want the window treatment to look like this Another look I'm thinking about is this / or like this but with a mantel and mirror under the canopy. The bedding I want to look like this and the wall color in this range /. I want all of the shams monogramed and the shower curtain to match. I will do each room as we go so you will have before and after photos of the whole adventure.

In the meantime I will quickly, to pay for all of it, opening the eBay store back up. It is Devine Decoration by ACM. Plus I will opening for the first time the Etsy store for Devine Salvage. Daddy is closing all 12 of his antique/vintage booths in the malls and we will be selling lots of goodies like this
Very beautiful vintage Northwest carnival glass. We have so many lines that we carry but Fenton is the most prominent. Thanks for joining me on my jouney.

I just had a long talk with my husband and we have agreed that around the first of July I will be moving on ahead of him if he isn't transfered by then. That way I can start working on the house and the stores. Plus I will get to see my beautiful boys
there is one of them, because they are out of school for the summer. That is Hunter Jack in the photo and he will be a JR in highschool next year. I love them and miss them so. 


  1. The links from Pinterest didn't show up so I've got to go work on that.

  2. Loved your blog and your house, just beautiful. I love hard wood floors. What fun it must be planning all the changes. So happy for you!