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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Funday--I wish

This is so what I wish my front yard looked like after my sweet hubby worked his butt off in it.  He cleaned all the flower beds and dug up trees.  Sadly it needs more than one days work. 

The light fixture is set and rigged to shine on the chair for different items photo moment.  The vintage green shelving hold the items I actually got on Etsy today.  YAY!!!!!!!!

These are the items I have lined up to go on Etsy or eBay.  You don't realize that they have to picked, cleaned and photographed before you can even start listing them. 
These are a selection of Daddy's magazines and books he brought over for me to sell.    Prices are so low right now due to the economy that it is alot of work for very little $$. 

This is one of the items going in the store.  It is so adorable for that shabby chic decor that I am totally into right now. 

I wish I had time right now to bake a cake or make something delicious but I don't.  Between painting and listing items and unloading boxes my life is full.  But I  prayed hard for a full life and God heard me.  PTL

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