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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Working in New Stuff

Trying to work in the new stuff
This is the latest load of goodies I have to go through.  It seems like before I can get the last load finished there is always more coming. 
Just had a great auction on Ebay @ Devine Salvage.  Several things sold but I so needed more to because I have so much more to add.

This is a total inspiration photo I gathered off Pinterest.  Y'all have to go follow my boards there, they have so much in ways of inspiration, what is selling, what is going on with my house remodel and (of course) my great cooking stuff.

This is the link to my new Blue Ribbon Recipe on Just a Pinch.  I love cooking and want to always share with you.

This is an inspirational painting that I want Daddy ( an artist) to paint for me.  I would love for it to go in the dining room, it is simply beautiful.

This is an inspiration for the canopy I want my husband to help me construct over the Master Retreat we are working on upstairs.  When we finally get it done it is going to be fabulous.  It is where we will grow old together and I really want us to take the time to do it right before we move up there.

Happy Valentines to everyone.  I hope you have a wonderful sweetie that you will be sharing it with.  I am planning a very romantic evening for my honey and I.  I want to make him lamb chops but we will see what fabulousness I come up with to feed him.

Just to remind myself and my readers that we must "Trust your Struggle"
That is where we build our character from.  God doesnt' give us more than we can handle so please keep that in mind.
Love and Hugs
This is new in the store so go check it out on Ebay's Devine Salvage Store.
Y'all have a fabulous day and I will try to get back over here daily this year to share what is going on.

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