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Monday, September 9, 2013

Missing for a while but I'm back

I've been missing but I'm back

I'm so upset with someone on Pinterest today.  They blocked me from pinning their items or looking at any of their boards.  I'm working with Pinterest to figure this out.  So I change it from a Cynthia Martinez page to a Devine Salvage page.  Well so I thought---hahaha  I can't figure out the set-up, I guess I have out of loop for so long now I just don't understand what is going on in the virtual world.  I'm hanging in there and I will get help soon and my pages will be back up and listed as Devine Salvage. 


Until then y'all can see all of the exciting things going into my stores.  I am going to be taking pictures the rest of the day but check out some of the newer listings, they are either Ebay or Etsy


Don't you just love the variety.  I do.  It is nice to have open categories you can select from that way there is always something you find interesting. 


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