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Friday, May 11, 2012

Daddy's Business

This is the type of merchandise Daddy has in his stores along with a million other things.  This piece is vintage Campodimante.  He is closing all 12 booths in the antique malls in and around Dothan, AL.  He is lowering all the prices to ridiculously.  I just wish he would wait another month so I could hand pick out all the stuff I want to add to my online stores when I get them up and running again.  He is so impatient.  If anyone is in the area you should check them out and get some amazing vintage Hull, McCoy, Fenton etc.

This is a cute vintage Fenton bird.  The one above is a great shabby chic find.  It goes well with all white decor. 

I will still be linking up with other great blogs during the move to keep you interested.

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