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Friday, May 11, 2012

Moving Time

In my dreams this is what I look like moving.  Especially because all my packages are pink.  While we are moving I will continue to post links to other amazing sites. 

I did just get permission today to photograph the collection of a dear friend of my hubbies.  He and his wife have been collecting for 60 years and boy do they have some pretty antique glass work. 

I went yard saleing today and there are so many goodies out there in the oddest places.  My hubby went to see an ole timer about a carburetor part and he had a little yard sale going.  There was stuff there you can't even find anymore.  I picked up a few pieces and will have them in the shop eventually.  If I had been repaired there was a fabulous set of antique lamps I would have snatched up but they remain with him for now. 

Linking later to another site for reading enjoyment.

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