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Friday, May 25, 2012

Frustrating Day

I am having a hard day. I signed up for Google apps and coundn't get back into my blog to add a new post. This gave me ownership of my name and domain. I want this for the future when we get the eBay and Etsy stores open and going again. That will happen as soon as we get moved. We are waiting on a transfer of my hubby from Home Depot to the Dothan, AL store.

SOOOOO I finally figured out how to get into my blog. This is the picture of me pulling my hair out this am.

I am now going to show you the lovely Mexican dishes I have been making. I will try to link the recipes but i'm not sure I know how to do that yet.

Today I think i'm going to get in the kitchen and make Old Fashion Brown Moutain Cake.

Now I have caught you up on what it going on with Devne Salvage. I did find another goodie for the store and I will show it in the next post.

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