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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooking Inspiration

Excursion:  Spring Break road trip!!  #springintothedreamThis is how I feel we live right now.  We are half in TN and half in Florida/Alabama.  We have moved almost everything and we are waiting on Home Depot to transfer my wonderful husband.  I feel like we can't get there fast enough. 

This is my chocolate buttermilk pie.  My honey took it to work @ Home Depot and it was a hit.

I'm just learning how to make the blog better by linking things.  I am so glad y'all are hanging with me during the learning curve.  When you see something that will make the blog better let me know and I will try to figure it out.  I've got to get it linked to my FB and Pinterest pages.  I think I will ask Dishin with DeDe about it.  She has a blog all about cooking.

These are my stuffed pablamo peppers.  I changed the recipe quite a bit so I will post that link later.  For now I want to post the original Blue Ribbon Winning Recipe.

Ok.  Thanks for sharing some time with me.  I will go figure out how to link to my other inspiration pages.  Until then I will be sharing other blogs that are wonderful.

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