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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Social Media Savvy Day

These are really cool old copper hinges.  They are mid-century modern at there finest.  They are on 
 See this is the day I am trying to learn how to link my blog to all the social media sites.  I've been reading tips on my Etsy site.  Then I went to Twitter and I think I might have figured it out.  I still don't know how to get the bottons to go on the side of my blog.  I have such great stuff to link to.  Plus when building a business you have to get your name out there.
This is a devine piece that is on eBay.  It is emerald carnival glass that is vintage.  It did come out of Daddy's collection before he started with the booths in Antique Malls. 
Daddy said he is closing all his booths, he is down from 12 to 4.  I will be going with him to pull most of the really good stuff that is left so we can put it in the store.  With what is left he is slashing the $$ so low.  If you are Dothan, AL go to Highlands Antigues and you will find him. 
This is where we are with the kitchen.
The cabinet doors are in the dining room and half painted.  I don't want to paint the front because I am not as good as Antonio. 
Because of that my large dining room is filled with stuff to go in the kitchen. 
You see that fireplace.  It is on the list to whitewash and make shabby chic.  Eventually I will get everything done.  But for now it is one day at a time. 

See that really cool retro needlepoint.  I painted an old frame for it.  It just sticks with me somehow. 
Thanks for stopping by.  If anyone has tips for me on how to link those buttons I would love to hear from you.!/cjriversmartinez
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