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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Workday

This is the kind of crusty goodness we will have to sell in the future.  Right now it like alot of what I am fixin to show you is all waiting for some love.  It is a big job but that I am working on it everyday.  It keeps it exciting. 
This is a box of art that is very old and needs to be gone threw with love and attention.
This is just for my foodie buddy's a wall of cast iron that was left here.  I just have to get it down and headed towards the kitchen when it gets done.
These are just some more things that need love.

Sorry the two pics are sideways but you can still see the goodness  that is there.  We hopefully, one day, will have established ourselves well enough in the community that customers will come to the house and pic up furniture or larger items.  I even thinking in the future about taking costume orders--but that is way in the future. 
Antonio is working on our connections.  He met with Charles Baldwin today.  He will start doing some work for him and his wife (Mary).  Turns out my Daddy knows Mary because they have had antique booths together for years.  So from here it will grow.
This is a shot of some of the stuff we have still to go threw.  You can't see my two pie safes that are in the back that have to come out and have TLC for the kitchen. 
For my foodie buddy's I wanted to show the wall of cast iron that was left for me down by the pizza oven. 
This is the fabulous old oven in the basement.  Surrounded by stuff we have to put in the stores and yard and house.   There is a growth chart of my children on the door. 

This is what I look like sometimes but I wanted to show the fantastic Last Supper artwork that is so old and worn.  Then there is the antique light fixture I picked up in Panama City a long time ago.
Below is the door that leads to the upstairs and basement--isn't it cool.  It is about 2" thick also.


Here are a couple of pictures of my very vintage pink bathroom.  I just love the soap dish that was left for me and Grandma's brush and mirror.  The fixtures in the bath are really cool also.
Thanks for stopping by today I just love talking to you about what is going on in my world. 


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