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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mental Tooth Overload

Mental Tooth Overload

This is what I am having of late.  I have an abscessed tooth that just cracked in half and half of it finally came out.  Well it will make you mental.  The pain is excruciating  and the doctoring of it is like an obsession.  Somehow I have managed to spruce up the stores in this time.  It is so exciting finding more and more goodies here in Grandma's house (my Forever Home).  There are things around ever corner.  You clean out a shed and find 25 light fixtures that need some love.  You snoop around the basement and find Ziploc bags full of vintage and antique hinges, door knobs, light fixtures and switch plates. 
See there is a set of scales that are God knows how old and a great standing floor lamp that needs some love and a twin headboard.  Then you see these wonderful old gas cans from who knows what year. 
Some of these things I will spruce up and put in the house, some will be done up and sold at an estate sale (because they are heavy or large and can't ship well) and some will go in the Etsy and Ebay stores.  There are so many light fixtures and covers that need new homes.  Plus every time I turn around Momma is bringing stuff from one of my two other Grandma's houses that need new homes.  It is wonderful and I am truly blessed. 

These are some of the items that are already in the store or are hitting them later today.  Some of it is from the 30's and 40's some from the 80's.  It doesn't make rhyme or reason so I have to assume lots of it was a gift from grandchildren over the years.  Like the Chokin plates, they came from a wholesale company I used to manage in Tallahassee called India Imports (I know they have nothing to do with India but alot of things about that company didn't make sense).  I will soon figure out how to get my Pinterest button on here so it will link to my inspiration photos.
Speaking of inspiration you should see the inspiration board I am working on.  It is an antique mirror frame that the mirror got broke in storage, well I have found a sack of vintage clothe ware and that is going to be the foundation for my new board.  As soon as I get all of the pieces steam ironed and attached I will post a picture. 
Thanks for coming along with me while I build my dream.  I am trying to upcycle the earth one antique or vintage item at a time. 
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