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Saturday, September 15, 2012

New JUNK in that need makeovers

I'm overloaded with new items. Some can go straight into the stores and I will post some of those maybe tomorrow. Here is a look at some of the JUNK that I will be giving a makeover

This is a look at a really old frame that is going to be painted.  I'm thinking grey but maybe shabby chic white with distressing.  The spoon is metal and from the 60's I think.

This is a fabulous very old Prince Albert can It is going straight in the Etsy store.

This is wooden mirrored coat rack from the 90's.  I'm still debating what to do with it.  It can't ship so I hoping some of my local buddies will snap it up. 

This is an ugly old print that I'm making into a chalk board.  This is my first attempt with this paint so we will see how it turns out.
This is a dining room set that needs a new home.  There is a little paint on one chair but I'll get that off before it finds a new home.  $150 obo
This is cool vintage iron.  Check out the lady on the front of the box. $15
This is a really pretty shabby chic colored coffee cup print.  I'm not sure what color to paint the frame.  My hubby has to cut it down to fit exactly but it will be fab.

These are some great old vintage sconces.  The set I think will be distressed white.  The mirrored one the same.  They will look so different in the end.  The large mirror is for my upstairs bathroom. 
This is a really sweet old cutting board/wall hanging.  It would be great in someones kitchen.

These are going to be grey and hang over the kitchen sink holding my pink curtains which I have to also dye.  I think it will look nice in my new pink kitchen.  I will be posting final pictures of that soon.  It is winding down.  The kitchen has been allot of hard work but it looks twice as big since it is not dark paneling any more.  The new to us dishwasher is working.  The new to us fridge gets installed Monday and that is mental relief to me.  I will be so happy to have a working ice maker again.  YAY!!!!  I still have to get my step-grandmother's 1940's pie safe out of the basement and put in place.  It needs to be cleaned up but I'm leaving it shabby.
Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing what is new.  It is allot of work again to update the look of  the JUNK I found but it will be worth it when it has a new home. 

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